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The following questions are designed to answer the most common questions relating to depositing money to your account withCHASEFXTRADE.

How can I deposit funds?

Depositing funds into yourCHASEFXTRADE account is quick, easy, and best of all: secure. The entire process takes only a few minutes to complete and you will be immediately notified of any issues with your deposit.

There are a number of ways that you can choose to fund your account. They are:

  1. Cryptocurrency:CHASEFXTRADE accepts Bitcoins.
  2. Electronic Payment: Western Union, MoneyGram, PerfectMoney
  3. Wire Transfer: If you wish to fund your account via wire transfer, please contact your account manager or access our live chat to receive the appropriate banking details.

Is there a minimum deposit?

CHASEFXTRADE does require a minimum deposit but that amount does vary by funding type. The minimum deposit amounts are as follows:

  1. Cryptocurrency: $300/€300/£300/¥75,000
  2. Electronic Payment: $300/€300/£300/¥75,000
  3. Wire Transfer: $1000/€1000/£1000/¥100,000/

CHASEFXTRADE reserves the right to change these values without prior notice.

DoesCHASEFXTRADE have a maximum deposit amount?

CHASEFXTRADE does have a maximum deposit amount which varies by deposit method. Below are the amounts listed for deposits by Cryptocurrency:

  1. Daily Limit: $/€/£ 10,000/¥100,000
  2. Monthly Limit: $/€/£40,000/ ¥4,000,000

Please contact your account manager if you are using an alternative deposit method.

CHASEFXTRADE reserves the right to change these limits without prior notice and may request proof of ID for security reasons.

Which currencies can I deposit?

During the registration process you can choose the type of currency that you wish to use for trading. Your choices are: US Dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Euro and Bitcoin. Please note that you can use multiple currencies for one account.

DoesCHASEFXTRADE accept cash deposits from clients?

No. Please note thatCHASEFXTRADE does not accept cash deposits.

Deposits toCHASEFXTRADE – how long does it take to appear in my account?

If you have made a deposit toCHASEFXTRADE with a Cryptocurrency or another form of electric payment, your account will be credited immediately once the payment has been received byCHASEFXTRADE’s systems. If you have deposited by wire transfer, it may take five business days before the funds are credited to yourCHASEFXTRADE trading account.

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